Planum IT offer a number of key services to their clients. For a breakdown of each of the services we are able to offer, please click on the relevant link below.



Engage with Planum IT for professional advice from our team of experienced and dedicated professionals.


Planum IT have a team of highly experienced IT professionals with decades of experience between them.


Planum IT offer a wide-range of support services to help support both small and large organisations with their IT infrastructure.


Planum IT are competent at what we do, it’s why we do it, it’s why we excel at it. We are, we do, everything IT.


We believe in quality. Whilst we might not offer the cheapest quotation to win business. We are offering a quotation that will ensure that we deliver quality that you are proud to share.


We measure our performance on all of our customer engagements to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible service and outcomes.


We follow-up all of our customer engagements to ensure the satisfaction of service delivered. We continually engage with our clients to improve and build on current and future relationships. We resolve problems quickly, on the rare occasion that they happen.


We are always here to help. Whether an existing client, or a new client, you can always count on us, and our business, to offer the help that is needed at the time it is needed.