Information Technology is an integral component of all businesses and as such having an IT Strategy that is closely aligned to the business in supporting its current and future needs is key to the ongoing success of each organisation. 

IT Strategy

PlanumIT is well-positioned to assist and guide in the creation of an IT Strategy or if required to take direct responsibility for developing your company’s IT Strategy. As it benefits from having within its consultancy resources Senior IT Managers who have advised on, developed and implemented IT strategies for a number of businesses UK wide and Internationally.  

In addition to working with your business to gain an understanding of its target operating model and objectives for the next 2 to 5 years. PlanumIT strategy approach focuses on pillars – People, Process and Technology. To gain insights into current capabilities, capacity and future limitations.  

Resulting in a comprehensive IT Strategy that considers not only the IT Technology needs of the business for the next 2 to 5 years but one that reflects how IT will support every area of the business and articulates the expected outcomes of financial and resource investments.  

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