COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation in ways that are difficult to overstate. Businesses that never thought of adopting the paradigm of remote working suddenly find themselves struggling to acceptably meet their business obligations and customer expectations and IT Security has become paramount.  

At the same time there are businesses that already had remote working practices but are now being forced to mainstream such practices as the norm. 

IT Security - Cyber Security

Whichever category your business is in, the following elements should motivate you to take action: 

  • Remote working effectively dissolves your organization’s security perimeter. With your staff being able to work from anywhere, your focus should be on securing the end-point AND the individual. 
  • Your organization’s data resides in devices over which you have little or no control. Many companies expect their employees to bring their own devices. While that approach creates flexibility on both the company and the staff, it brings up risks that are difficult to mitigate without being intentional and innovative. Some of your business processes that relied on paper will have to be made paperless. This introduces the element of authenticity, trust and certifiability which are almost taken for granted in a paper-based process. 
  • Because they have access to sensitive information at whatever location they are, your staff have the potential to bring down your business by being malicious, careless or gullible.  
  • Fraud is a lot more difficult to investigate. 

Without an investment in both the practice and technology of security, remote working can threaten the very existence of your business. Planum IT offers consulting and staff awareness services that together narrow your business exposure tightens the security of your technology and business processes and strengthens the weakest link in your business’ security chain, your remote worker. 

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