What is Disaster Recovery (DR)? DR is a term used to reference a collection of tools, processes, and procedures that are enacted in the event of a critical disaster. A critical disaster would be in the form of a data centre fire, flooding, or some other event resulting in the loss of data, hardware, and software.

Planum IT is fundamentally aware of the need for businesses to have in place restorative measures, should they be impacted by events. i.e. IT, Fire, Terrorist etc. 

Planum IT can provide both practical and technical management to organisations and businesses of all sizes with regards to design, build, testing and execution of Disaster Recovery procedures.  

Disaster Recovery - DR

In addition Planum IT can assist with writing Disaster Recovery documentation. 

Our approach at a high level, subject to agreement, would be to assign a dedicated Planum IT consultant resource to work with a business representative in understanding your business, it’s DR requirements and prioritisation of system restorations.  

Followed by documenting with your assistance DR procedures which will be validated and amended if necessary during a dry run.  

Once agreed and signed off, Planum IT will be on hand to oversee live DR testing. 

For more information about DR Planning and how Planum IT as a business can help your organisation plan for disasters through the introduction of Disaster Recovery Plans, toolsets, etc. Please click the button below to contact us and speak to us about your requirements for DR.