What is Business Continuity? Business Continuity Planning is the process of creating a predetermined solution to dealing with the prevention and recovery of threats towards an organisation’s operational needs and requirements. For example; ensuring that there are emergency plans in place to deal with offices becoming vacated due to fire or terrorist activities, and much more.

Crossing a crisis situation may highlight the necessity to have a contingency plan, for companies of all sizes. 

Customer interest driven, business continuity plans (BCP) are a must have for a wide range of sectors: industry, finance, logistic, retailers or health care. 

Planum IT has proved its capacity to improve operational resilience of numerous companies, by following the ISO22301 global standard. 

As a first step, understanding the critical businesses requirements allows providing adapted solutions to a wide range of scenario. Our expertise in Business Impact Analysis (BIA) will help your company having a clear overview and mapping of your critical activities and information systems. 

Ensuring the commitment of executive committee is a key component to develop a strong a sustainable continuity plan within a company. 

Business Continuity - BC

This is why Planum IT BC experts believe it is essential to liaise with top management to anchor the continuity culture across the whole organization. 

Besides, our advisory permits an efficient way to cover scenario such as cyberattacks, wide area disasters or external providers unavailability. 

Also, we provide crisis management training and awareness sessions to develop your company’s capacity to get used to swiftly react in case of crisis situation. 

Eventually, as an essential milestone of BCP, we can assist you in the organization of call trees, disaster and user recovery or remote working exercises, and provide consistent reporting with powerful and flexible tools. 

Business Continuity is not a last minute challenge, it needs to be planned. 

Let’s build your sustainable resilience together. 

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