Today millions of us are using Artificial Intelligence without realising it. Applications such as SIRI, booking flights on Skyscanner, and much more, all use AI. 

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is all around us and is part of our daily lives and business landscape which enhances sales,  user experience, customer satisfaction, profit, revenue, and business outcomes. 

Artificial Intelligence - AI

AI is the ability that allows machines to perform specific human tasks by learning from their behaviour. 

At Planum IT, we help organisations make better business executive-led decisions by leveraging AI right across the enterprise to solve a business, operational or technical challenge.  We help businesses to find unexpected solutions to today’s business operational complexities. 

We help businesses adopt and implement the right mix of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data analytics by creating robust AI Strategy Road Maps which delivers results that could involve: 

  • Automating Workloads
  • Improving Customer Services
  • Optimising Logistics Environments
  • Improving manufacturing output and efficiency  
  • Mitigation against preventable business outages 
  • Better predict business KPI performance goals  
  • Better predict patterns of behaviour 
  • Better Data Management and analyse
  • Improving user profile marketing and advertising via automation

Our approach adopts all the industry and sector best-practices to solve AI use case objectives. 

We aim to understand an organisation’s AI Vision, goals, objectives, KPI and key milestones to ensure that AI is used in collaboration with human intervention which decreases lower-level and repetitive tasks. This is what gives the project the greatest chance of success and desired business outcomes. 

We understand the challenge or problem that needs to be solved using AI. For example, it could be an organisation wanting to increase online revenue by 20 percent. 

Part of our approach requires that we evaluate whether the right processes and systems are available in order to capture, track and analyse the data. Organisations that have been building active, or idle, data lakes over the years (whether on-premise or in the cloud) have a great resource tap to mine using AI and asking critical business scenario questions. 

We carry out necessary data exploration in order to validate the known interpretations of the data that is held by the organisation and we advise and implement modelling creation, modelling validation, automation, production and the continual model improvement. 

Benefits that your organisation will gain from working with Planum IT include: 

  • Increased Productivity
  • Savings in Time and Money
  • Improved Sales and Revenue
  • Operational efficiencies 
  • The automation of repetitive tasks  
  • Optimising routine processes 
  • Mitigate human errors and costly mistakes 
  • The ability to predict customer behaviours better
  • Improve Customer Experience and Personalisation
  • Gain Access to Vast Amounts of Company Data which may have been dormant

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