Who We Are

About us, who we are. Would you like a second opinion, obtain immediate advice, prepare your organisation for change or get help shaping your organisation’s future IT expansion? 

Well, whatever your IT needs you are at the right place to obtain help for your organisation.

We provide tailored IT consultancy services for small, medium and large-sized enterprises who want to achieve business goals through the delivery of robust IT roadmaps and strategy. Our approach involves providing an initial consultation to establish tactically where our solutions and services can deliver maximum impact, quick wins and results. 

About us - Who we are - What we do

In today’s fast-paced world organisations must use information technology to transform that way its enterprise operates to ensure that services are efficient, well-managed and up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations to be competitive in their marketplace.  

Our aim is to help clients deliver their IT Road Map, IT Strategy, Business Objectives and Goals through the use of information technology that overcome problems. 

Cybersecurity threats, for example, are critical for any organisation to control through the use of continual monitoring, alerting and risk mitigation solutions. Network Assessments need to be engaged to establish where an enterprise may be vulnerable especially on the Darknet or Darkweb. Therefore its imperative that an organisation is using the latest data security protocols and disaster recovery solutions to protect businesses from increased security risks.  

Thus organisations need to ensure they select the best approach to achieve strategic business outcomes based on the identified support, available budget and measurable ROI. 

In order to help organisations achieve their objectives we spend time understanding: 

  • Their goals or desired outcomes and why the organisation wants to achieve this?
  • Why now? Is it the correct time to achieve these desired objectives?
  • The organisations immediate or future growth ambitions?

We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail in order to provide a full breadth and range of IT Consultancy services that satisfies and exceeds our clients’ expectations through implementing Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery, Artificial Intelligence, IT strategy, Business Systems Appliance, Cloud Solutions, IT Security, service management and O365 Solution that is specific on the timeframe. 

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What we do

Planum IT’s core services address the destined change state of an organisation that involves the need to manage technology in a more strategic, effective and efficient manner. 

We offer organisations immediate support, guidance, and direction via a team of qualified IT practitioners who are passionate about providing IT solutions to complexity, problems and challenges that generate results. At Planum IT, you are not hiring just one person, but you’re hiring our entire company allowing you to have current up to date in-depth knowledge about solution requirements needed for your organisation. 

Planum IT, and our trusted partners, have been built up with an average of over 100+ years of IT experience at all levels. We use the best IT industry practice standards to help IT decision-makers, CIO agendas, Heads of IT, IT Directors who are accountable for delivering information technology in organisations and who may lack the internal capability, projects continually being over budget, not delivered on time or not aligned to business objectives. 

Our consultancy service gives IT decision-makers pragmatic solutions covering a numerous of other disciplines from advisory, training, management consulting, governance and new business development providing organisations with a chance to improve business performance through better IT delivery whilst reducing costs and saving time. 

Unlike some alternative solutions in the marketplace, our services are firmly built on developing a close working partner relationship with our clients which delivers business outcomes and value back to the customer and organisation. We are very confident in our ability because we have experience and a history of helping organisations improve business and technical outcomes. Our aim is to deliver engagements that demonstrate immediate quick wins through rapid qualitative and quantitative ROI. 

We offer a unique approach to delivering IT consultancy that is fundamentally based on allowing organisations to be able to thrive in any climate or industry sector by engagements that will give you: 

  • Complete Peace of Mind
  • An agnostic approach to IT Solutions solving 
  • Business Continuity 
  • Time and cost savings 
  • The right solution for your business and budget 
  • Increased competitive advantage 

Organisations can achieve vast cost savings by outsourcing areas of IT to a consultancy that takes away the demands of delivering results and needing an expert in-house team with expert knowledge.   

Having access to IT consultancy practitioners is an important addition to any business culture because business employees need to focus on their core competencies to perform and operate at optimal productivity and sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming for them trying to keep up with the latest IT trends, technology, and a continually changing landscape that distracts them performing their core business function.. 

We provided expert advice and organisations trust our ethical approach and dedicated consultants, especially in times when true hands-on expertise may be lacking in an enterprise. So if your enterprise operates a lean IT Department it might be worth having access to a ‘Virtual Bench’, ‘Expert Knowledge’, and ‘Accelerators’ that have been implemented and delivered for other organisations using best practice methodologies and frameworks. 

As you are reading this page there are new disruptive technologies entering the market that will help enterprises augment their growth targets whilst improving organisational efficiency and cost reduction. 

Planum IT experience and expertise helps organisations identify the necessary steps that deliver quick and long-term wins that eliminates the need for re-work, avoids mistakes, and we are confident that we’re able to offer recommendations that will fit your business needs. Our consultants have knowledge of how to best implement the solutions, what mistakes to avoid, so that project runs smoothly. 

We offer flexible payment methods where clients only pay for the assignment or by the hour involving Data Analytics, Systems Integration and Enterprise Architecture, Software Management, ERP Services, and IT Advisory. 

Organisations want their customers, suppliers and employees to thrive thus using better collaboration, communication and technology, helps businesses to become more innovative and productive. Our best practice approach and experience give organisations solutions using the right planning, implementation and maintenance of business systems which enable us to deliver measurable and quantifiable productivity improvements. 

We work closely with vendors such as Microsoft to ensure continuity of delivery and service, to ensure that we deliver the best end-result.

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