Welcome to Planum IT’s relaunch. Our mission from day one was to make the world a better place by delivering technology and solutions that make a difference whilst working with like-minded brands and organisations. 

Founded back in 2017 Planum IT is passionate about helping organisations transform, innovate and change.  

This has no doubt been the case due to technology disruption and corporations seeking to benefit from business agility and new ways of working.  

Digital transformation has been on the agenda for most organisations for several years and the challenge of integrating digital into all corners of the enterprise that aims to help seals those productivity gaps, which has been shaped by what the digital consumer desires, and that businesses can deliver, is ever-present and real. How do organisations keep up with the rapid pace of change, which business models will deliver the right results, what is the best way to transform operational processes or which technology stack is best suited to an organisation’s digital transformation agenda, etc. are some of the critical questions organisations need to understand and answer. 

With Planum IT’s relaunch, we can help your business because we are specialists in navigating and solutions such internal questions due to being agnostic to technology, methodologies, frameworks, partners and suppliers. This means we 100 per cent focus on our clients’ and your organisation’s needs, objectives, business outcomes, and much more. 

However, the real kicker today is COVID-19. 

COVID-19 has meant projects that were possible put on the low priority To-Do Items list may have automatically risen to the top i.e.: Artificial Intelligence, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Strategy, IT Security, IT Solutions, Service Management, Automation, Business Systems Integration, Business Process Mapping, Moving to the Cloud, IT Strategy 2025 Vision Document, RPA, Machine Learning, AI and much more. 

Planum IT is dedicated to helping clients who may lack the necessary skills resource, and knowledge, to transition and excel through innovative use of technology products which serve to deliver satisfaction, quality and peace of mind. 

Our relaunch aims to firmly help businesses who are looking at transformation, change and innovation. 

How would you feel if Planum IT provided your organisation with an initial Readiness Assessment? 

Contact us: to schedule an introductory telephone call or web conference meeting. 

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